Opacity is my life.

3 11 2007

So, I’ve been watching Diggnation. and looking at their website Digg. Nothing really amazing, but their video blog is quite entertaining. I mean, I like how it’s like “just-one-of-the-guys” and it’s like the boring crap I would probably read about, but I don’t have to read. God, that makes me feel lazy. I am really happy with Ubuntu, it’s been about 5 months I’ve been using it, and it haven’t crashed, it hasn’t slowed down. I learned that a OS doesn’t have to be made by a major company. Which makes me think that the Linux model might travel to other media – like software, and the opening of copyright protection of eBooks. I mean, the internet has so much content, illegal postings of original content – copyrighted as print, but will it transfer over to the world wide web.
Another thing to be happy about – Congress has postponed taxation on web use until about 2014. It’s almost like slavery and the constitution, but not at all. The government taxes phones, electricity, water, and other utilities, so we’re safe to fight that battle another day.
Scrubs: “The most addictive substances are caffeine and nicotine. so I invented this: smoke-a-chino. who ordered a smoke-a-chino? matt! That’s as tall as he’ll ever be.”

Maybe I’m just looking for someone to say everything will be alright.




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