2 11 2007

Well, I took the bus from Newark to Wilmington. Listened to a conversation between two woman – one had a hair-line fracture in her nose, the other worked at a daycare. they talked about how girls fight over guys and how it’s wrong. a guy should choose and be faithful. then I gave my seat up for a woman with a little kid. her kid was gosh darn cute. I moved to the back of the bus for a new seat seemed to have been created. And the new conversation insued. A young black man, 26, and another young black man – age unknown. The unidenitified one had a kid – boy – and was staying with his “baby momma” – yes, he used that word. and the other man, 26, had a kid too. he was an artist – a good one at that. had a portfolio with him. he was in AA and had a prose about God on his portfolio. “everyone need God” and some other black man said “you mean every nigger, right?” “no, everyone”. This other black man, Man X – i’ll call him, told the two men to keep it down and don’t cuss – because a kid – he called “little queen” can pick up on it. Little Queen.
Anyway, I got off at Amtrak station in Wilmington. and I realized I did not have my wallet. it was lost, gone, left for others to find. Now, I have to get my license again, and my school ID and my dormhouse key. why even bother, Goddam? Also, have to get my absentee ballot, too late? I think so. I think I might just Email my professors and ask for the notes so I can collect all my things. I also lost around 170 dollars. that was my emergency cash. and it’s all gone. for someone else’s emergency.
I need to relax. Cigar didn’t help. and I’m grinding so I popped in some trident. It’s my aphrodisiac, so I’m a little randy. and now, I think writing helps. and thinking about all that is good – thanks to my gratitude bear. and I’m going to finish Little Mermaid. bye now. take care.




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