Amusing Ourselves to Death

2 11 2007

Amusing Ourselves to Death
By Martha Brockenbrough
Die in your sleep? Bah — amuse yourself to death, instead.

“A lot of people hope to die in their sleep someday. How boring. And sort of depressing, too, like sleeping through the end of a movie. You never get to find out what happens.

Fortunately for you, I’ve been thinking about the alternative: death by amusement.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m anti-death. But I’ve seen dying’s inevitable, so I’m just trying to lay out a few options for us mortals who might not want to spend our last moments in a puddle of pillow drool.

I’m laying out three alternatives: death by gaming, death by eating and death by coffee. If I could include death by reading or watching movies, you’d know how I’d like to go…”




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