30th Street Station: Philly

2 11 2007

I bet this isn’t what the arcitech expected. This beautiful, majestic building being used to haul ass. the taxi’s outside, a refuge for the homeless. I bet this isn’t what he expected. The crimes in the city, the loss of the soul of Philadelphia – it’s all manifested here. Flags at half-mast for another cop dead. 3 this week. 5 this year. I read an article about the attempted murder of that one cop delcarmen or something. he got shot in the mouth and chased on guy down until he collapsed. another officer found him, and the wounded said ” black hoodie, black hoodie” and pointed. “are you OK?” he nods. they found the guy that day. Also, black profiling article by a black woman. She sees that black men are being profiled, and knows that it’s reasonable, because with 356 murders in Philly this year (so far) the majority is by black men, and the victims are most often black too. She fears for them.

Losing my wallet and listening to and reading about what’s going on, makes me a concerned man. I should be spending my money for the good. I don’t need all that I’ve been given or endowed. Theree’s got to be something I can do. There’s got to be a change of culture. I fear for the destiny of this city. Is it destined to be a suburb of New York, destined to be far from the city of brotherly love? destined to be a murder capital?

Excitement is never the same in real life as it is in movies. At least as it once was. Girls would rush to their loved ones arms. hold them tightly. kiss them as hard as they could. No one smiles as much as they do on the dancefloor in movies. exaggerated, but I feel like it isn’t far from the truth that was. Once I wish I could be on the recieving end of that exaggerated, over-the-top, can’t-wait-to-see-you love.




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