My Marketing Strategy

1 11 2007

What are the most common search terms?

“I realize that it’s probably not something suitable for a family Web site, but I’m still curious: what are the most common terms or phrases that people type into search engines?

Alright, let’s have a look at this one! You’re right, though, this isn’t really suitable for a G-rated site. So let’s do this first…

Warning: this entry is not suitable for children!

Still with me? Okay, then your prurient interests have prevailed! :-)

According to one of my favorite keyword research sites, Wordtracker (which I write about at length in my Google book too), the twenty-five most commonly used search phrases in the last 60 days are:

Rank Search Term
1 pussy
2 porn
3 google
4 boobs
5 hentai
6 paris hilton
7 ebay
8 yahoo
9 sex
10 milf
11 tits
12 girls
13 free porn
14 lesbians
15 jessica simpson
16 eminem
17 poetry
18 carmen electra
19 games
20 dogs
21 jenna jameson
22 myspace
23 pamela anderson
24 50 cent
26 nude
27 games cheat
29 mapquest
30 girls gone wild …”




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