Dear Miro

1 11 2007

How dare you! How dare you provide free open-source internet and tv. what gives you the right to give people what they want? by this time I hope you’ve realized that was all in jest. I love Miro. Also, some of you might realize that’s a copy off of Family Guy – when Peter tells Lois to take a note.


Alex Kozdra

P.S. This is an amazing Program is you’re feed up with CNN, and other “news” agencies. I’m watching a video of a lecture by a buddhist monk of French origin talking in California about happiness. This is a great alternative to the consistency of TV.




One response

2 11 2007


Thank god that was in jest — I was a bit nervous there for a second.

No seriously, thanks for the high praise. Your word of mouth advocacy is critical to our mission.


Dean Jansen
Outreach Director

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