1 11 2007

I figured out how to use a tracker for my blog now. so hopefully there is some traffic here. and I can see if it’s worth it or not. I encourage anyone who comes to this site to send this website to a friend!

Gotta go watch Bambi, hope I don’t shit my pants in FEAR!
Thanks Time magazine

Also more good news: Facebook is more popular than porn?
“When I wrote last week’s column comparing the social-networking sites MySpace and Facebook, I included a line after my signature stating that I had only 124 friends on Facebook, and urged readers to add me as their friends. As of today I have 261 new Facebook friends, the majority of which are Generation Y college students.

I turned to Hitwise data to find out more about them. By examining which websites social-network users visit after logging into their profiles, we can gain a bit of insight into how sites like Facebook fit into their members’ daily online lives. The data showed that after other social networks, the most clicked-on category of sites was search engines, with 11.6% of all downstream visits. Web-based e-mail services were next with 8.5%. Blogs came in third in popularity at 6.1%, claiming more than four times the number of visits to traditional news sites, which logged 1.5% of downstream visits…”




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