64 F Thu Nov 1, 12:34 PM

1 11 2007

woke up at 8:15 AM. that means my alarm went off 3 times. good work, Alex.
so I got some coffee and ate a grapefruit at the dining, seems like a waste of a meal, though. I wrote some more to Jacki.
I like writing emails to her, except I rarely have anything important to say. truth is, I don’t anything important to say on this blog either. no one reads it anyway. but I’m just basing that on having no comments. I guess I’ll look for a way of tracking views on my site. It’s easy to find, I just haven’t remembered when I got to Blogging.
I’m really lucky to have a great girlfriend. constantly, I’ve been bombarded with problems with couples – be it film, tv, books, life etc. see even keeps me up to date about some girls mishaps with her relationship with her boyfriend – who’s in college.
oh geez, I think I’ve got something fun to do today. ;-) Thanks, Jacki.
anyway, Western Civilization is pretty boring. I learned this crap with Ms. McAleer. I did actually learn in her class, thanks to the textbook…She was a great teacher, it’s sad to think she quit the CBSD. :-( There’s been a couple points that are new in this class.
I think I’m going to look for blogs for class notes of random classes, because I want to learn something more. and I wish I had more classes. 4 classes makes me feel lazy. it’s a lot easier than high school right now. less homework, more reading (easy). I’ve got more essays to write, but I don’t mind. English – 6 total essays. but all we do is talk about esssays; I’m not learning about grammar anymore.
So, I’ll tell you how I write my notes in classes. first, I write it on paper then I type it onto this program called Tomboy – a desktop note-taking application that I can open straight from my toolbar. but how I organize notes is important too.
I’ve got 4 different caterories
C – Concepts
i.e. New Imperialism
D – Definitions
i.e. Imperialism
? – Questions
i.e. How new was New Imperialism?
I – Information
i.e. Dates, facts, etc.
G2G Apocalypse Now…

The soundtrack is great. cheap synthesizers.

in American Political Systems now. it’s funny how on tuesday and thursday I use my laptop in class. and use my notebook only on monday wednesday friday classes.

Oh yeah, this picture is a throwback from May. Enjoy it.




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