Misfit among misfits

31 10 2007

Finally get to listen to some misfits – for the holiday spirit. makes me antsy and sing-songy actually. and happy for some reason. the lyrics and bad guitars make me smile. like “last caress”
it’s nothing to smile about – killing babies, and feeling no remorse is awful too. eek.
Today was quite lazy but not really – had caffeine and coffee. tried to expand my knowledge. And even though it was through aim – or gaim, actually (linux distribution of aim) – I had a good talk or two.
I watched House last night. it’s ok. acting seemed a bit over the top. and the disease, although plausible and probable, it wasn’t all that real for me – at least the makeup.
I’ve got the urge to watch horror movies now. weird, because I wasn’t in the spirit until recently. Usually for me, I’d get bored with a holiday days before it arrived. like christmas – watching movies, red and green all over, carol, santas at every corner – even if that’s not possible. without holiday spirit! BS.
So I looked at Times 25 scariest movies. Bambi was on it. odd? older folk have trauma from it. it plays off the gear of abandonment in kids. so I got investation of the body snatchers. and Peeping tom – IMDB that shit! it’s a creepy movie about some photographer who takes photos of his victims before he kills them. and Bambi. Then I thought of getting Pinocchio. Because when talking with Jacki we couldn’t remember a lot of it. Why was he in the whale?
And I can’t remember the Little Mermaid. so movie marathon sometime? yeah! also – Little mermaid is Jacki’s favorite disney princess – Ariel, that is.
And I miss halloween at Nick’s. B-horrors. Tim Burton. Bela Lugosi. and Pizza. Mountain Dew. Connor Cameron and Mike. the Gang.
There was this one Nick’s Birthday/Halloween party. We went to Newtown for a haunted hayride. and it was funny and stoopid. Matt kelso hit some actor. and back at the Terrimani resident – pillow fight led to a fight which ended with some random kid being pulled down a flight of stairs. oh no! oh yeah!
Halloween was my favorite holiday as a kid. Dressing up. Candy. Movies. innocent tricks. Sleepovers at Nicks’. it wasn’t family oriented. I guess that’s what I liked most.
Christmas and Easter and Birthdays. Family oriented. and Church for those formers. I hate church. except for cozy ol’ Mt Carmel in the winters. Where families would huddle for warmth. and happiness was ripe because of anticipation of food, presents and good cheer. But Christmas and Easter were unhappy family-wise. excessive drink.

I’m at that point now, where I have to make a big decision. guess what it is. Write it as a comment. I dare you. right now.

It’s if I should continue to grow my hair out or now.
I wonder what people think when they hear that someone has a big decision to make. like I wonder if people think “oh my god, is he going to move somewhere? quitting his job? divorce?”

Where did I see my tape recorder? I think I’d love to record some things that are funny. You just don’t know when that’ll happen. unpredictable.

Is there a mental theory of changing repression – like personal PA – Psycho-analysis? like a internal way to make repression supression. I don’t believe PA is all that important.

My whorehouse joke worked in Philosophies of Life.
Q: What did the sign of the Whorehouse say?
A: Beat it – we’re closed.

Sitcom episode idea(s) of the day:
“baby switch”
one guy thinks his peer was switched with him at birth – his friend looks and acts like Person A’s family. and Person A is opposite of his family. And these other people in the sitcom actually baby sit and forget who’s baby is who and the parents get upset.
so at the end of the show he asks his family.
Father “you can’t be switched at birth”
Son “why?”
Mother “because, because you were adopted!”

“Stage fright”
don’t have much of a plot


Transmission over.
Gotta watch some horror movies. and eat for once.
and Listening to: McRad, From Chimpan-A to Chimpan-Z, CSS, Percee P.
Peace out, girl scout.




One response

1 11 2007

if you shave your head, you will have no hair to be pulled! if you grow a mullet, you are dead meat… ;)
it looks nice the way it is!!

-your babi girl

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