Can you write louder?

29 10 2007

It’s beautiful out in the world. warm sun, cold light breeze. To wear a sweatshirt comfortably is a gift. I haven’t done much soul searching today, but I feel complete. gratitude bear has helped. Gratitude bear is a bear I found – I can’t remember where – but everytime I touch it, I have to think of what I am grateful for. I need to find a rock now to be my outgoing rock.
I don’t believe in a God or Gods, but I do believe in the awesome power of the mind. I think a person can actively change themself with thought and action. Sometimes people have to be persuaded. But it’s up to the person. And drugs are bullshit. if it’s not an ache or pain, it shouldn’t be treated with drugs. of course, I admit that some drugs are beneficial, but testing and commercialization is corrupt. Psychopharmocology. ok.
Having a portable CD player makes my day much more enjoyable. James Brown in the morning – what a delight!
Hmmm. If people get checkups at the Dentist and Doctor. Why not a therapist too? I can see that becoming a trend in the next 50 years. Kids shouldn’t be babied or beaten. I believe that if parents had an independent analysis of their kids, they could raise them better.
“Ambler Warning” – was good. a lot of plot – little characterization. and Ludlum should avoid love relationships, because he comes across as a bad 70’s porno script writer. But I’m proud of myself for reading and at a fast pace! 630+ pages in 4 days and I didn’t even read on saturday.You know how there are different ways people learn – reading, writing, hands-on, listening, seeing? well, is there anything that incorporates most of that? a game. easy.
Wonder what the first conversation about dreams was like. was it like “what the fuck are you talking about?” or was it more “dude, I totally know! wow, wait till we tell the village” (you know those guys probably got attacked by their village)




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