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26 10 2007

anyway, this is from Western Civilization. I was trying to make a diagram for a town square in Doylestown. and then I tried to remember the squares I’ve been in. Krakow and Easton. but Krakow is too big, and easton is run down. so the problems are parking, getting around in a car, getting around safely as a pedestrian, and open space for gathering. and because Doylestown is surrounded by three highways – 611, 313, and 202 – it will be perfect for a town square.
and because Guiseppe Verdi’s last name is an acronym, I thought mine should too. and kozdra isn’t cutting it. I liked Rici – Rugged Individualism, Community involvement. and I’ve got no real thing that I am. and I think of Cameron. He found his calling. Nietzsche. and nihilism. and what not. I know I believe in a lot that Emerson had said, and Thoreau. But there’s no defining idea or concept that I live by.

and here’s American Political Systems.
so my American Political Systems Professor gives us the notes ahead of time. And I do the readings so no real point in going, right? He can’t even take attendance – our clickers don’t work. geez. and clickers, that was a waste. He used them once properly and then he fucked up. and doesn’t know how to use the program that goes with it. a waste of 40 bucks. it’s a remote control for answering quizes and taking attendance. Today in Western Civilization we talked about Italian and German unification. I’m tempted to get a new lapptop soon, if my battery charger situation is not corrected. it’s funny that I’ve got the oldest laptop of my family, but I’m the computer savvy one. well, Linux does run more efficiently and newer computers are “easier” and “user-friendly”. Hah! That’s a laugh. I should hook my family on to Apple Macs, just because there are less viruses – 99.9% of viruses are on windows. My professor is counting or estimating the people in the room right now. and I caught him. hahahahaha.
As much as I’d like to take Mr. Caum’s Advice to get a small laptop – I’m going to get a bigger screen laptop – I watch movies a lot…and stuff. I like the wider desktop too.
17″ screen
minimum – 2 GB RAM
minimum – 80 GB HD
minimum – 1.5 GHz processor
Ubuntu 7.10 Operating Software – with Beryl

I drove a tractor younger than my sister did. I also crashed into a brick wall of our house. to be fair, the brake was stuck. what was I supposed to do?!

Philosophies of Life
Happiness not real unless shared. immortal words of Chris McCandless. I believe this fully, I guess I’m just not happy yet then. Days pass by – just when I start to embrace my peers, they find a way to hurt me – without their knowledge. I read an article about how men should stimulate their sons to read. I haven’t been discouraged, but I think I’m intellecutally curious. So, I just hoped that others would do the same. Idiocracy – the movie with Luke Wilson. it’s so scary real. I’m afraid it could happen, if people don’t change. Stoopid jokes, quick fixes, “kicked in the nuts” videos, sports highlights, getting dome, life without long term, life without true satisfaction.
Limited Government!
Another day I dislike big government. Taxes, ugh. it is necessary, I know. But we don’t have to spend on defense. why are there homeless, if we have so much money to waste elsewhere? We need to funnel money elsewhere. Make a budget – use the money on us first! so no money can be raised for war. Take a tip from TR. He sent the Great white fleet across the world so that money had to be accumulated to bring them home. Although war supporters can do the same, more resistance can be created.
I picked a book from the rainbow book store and music store. “The Ambler Warning” A Robert Ludlum book. His titles are so boring. but the stories are far from bland. I’ll start the Bourne Series after this book. I’ve read that fourth bourne book by another author and it was great. so the others should be more fantastic. Today’s Music – Slipknots Vol. 3: Subliminal Verses. I know most people don’t like them but I found a gem in this album. Angry, Creative and Radical in soundscape. Also on of the only things I can listen to of my own because my laptop is down. and my Xbox 360 has that album. My charger is late! grrrs! Damn. I’m writing this on paper first. Being aware of the past makes one not repeat it. or makes them destined to repeat it?
In Philosophies of life we’re studying Freud. the cases we are talking about are repressed emotions. have I repressed anything? I wish I had a real family. and I don’t I’ve repressed much, because Freud says that dreams show the unconsious mind of repression. and I don’t dream a lot. but I wouldn’t be surprised if I was holding back.




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