What the problem is?

23 10 2007

William Shatner – Has Been – “I Can’t Get Behind That”
So I did more reading for my classes. and I added tons of bookmarks for my browser. Kung Fu Monkey, Neatorama, and Geekipedia. Good stuff going on in the world. and I watched the first quarter of the Colts-Jaguars Game. Looked at Lifehacker and Spikedhumor too. Seriously William Shatner is the shit!
This fucking album is so my humor. Angry but witty. and sarcastic (or ironic as Jacki informs me).
The boys are watching Fear and Loathing now. Quinn, Josh, Andy and Schmugz – my roommate.
Plan for tomorrow: Breakfast -> Class -> Class -> Write Essay -> Eat -> write letter -> call mommy -> idk idk idk

What’s going on in my mind right now? nothing monumental, just taking it one day at a time, distracted? no. Just gotta keep up with readings, note typing, eating, and keep up with communication.

I don’t have a great plan everyday, but I’m Napoleon – Show up and see what happens.




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