22 10 2007

So, yesterday was fun.
I slept in till 11, mainly because I went to bed around 5AM.
Cleaned up. Did Laundry. Read the paper. reorganized my dorm room.
and Played flag football. fucking awesome. 13-7, us.
I got 2 first downs on my catches. it was sick. did a spin move on two guys. and also ran for about 1/2 the field on another catch. I’m sore now though. like the 2nd day of track. it sucks. my calves hurt, and back, and my thighs. and I read for my classes. and watched the sox game.
today I woke up at 9. slept again. ate lunch. went to nap. woke up to my wonderful girlfriends voice on the other end of my phone line. and rushed off to class. just in time to hear him shush the class. he does this thing were he starts a sentence several times to quiet everyone down like “remember last time.. remember last time…remember last time we were talking about Marx and etc…” very unique to him, Professor Jordan.
and I ate dinner. now I’m back in my dorm room.
well, sunday was great. made up for a crappy sunday morning 1-5 AM.




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