Another Prison Pete Post

22 10 2007

I understand what he’s going through. the couple times my dad talked about being in prison, he would always say that his teeth would hurt and there was no help. His teeth got pulled. and he didn’t take too good of care beforehand – coffee and cigarettes. but his teeth got brown quickly and he complained all the time about them. Well, here’s what Pete has to say.

Sunday, October 21, 2007
Healthcare in Prison.
Dental Care?

One of my hopes is that I get out of prison before I lose all my teeth. We have two dentists here that do only fillings and extractions. If they cannot fill it, out it comes.

I had one of the molars in the upper left quadrant drilled and filled here several months back. At the time it was drilled, the tooth was not bothering me and did not appear to have any major problem. When the dentist was drilling the tooth it felt like he was using a jackhammer and removed a big chunk of tooth. As he filled it he told me that if the filling did not stay in the whole tooth would have to some out. Sure enough, the filling has fallen out, and I have now been waiting over a month to see the dentist again. Meanwhile I have lacerated my tongue quite a few times on the nice sharp edges of this unfilled tooth.

Yes, if I lose all my teeth the state does pay for dentures, but I hope I do not have to ever face that option.

Medical Care?

I certainly feel more positive about typing the word “care” after the word “medical” than I do after “dental.” I have received two very extensive surgeries in the last year. The first was a major cleaning out of my sinuses, and then in May I finally had my deviated septum fixed. Both of these operations were done at a major medical center by doctors not employed by the Department of Corrections…




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