19 10 2007

So, Today I’m missing my girlfriend a lot. it’s worse than it’s been this week, just knowing I won’t see her for another week. She’s an amazing girl. a girlfriend. and my best friend. she’s gorgeous, obviously, look at the photo. and you know how there’s a person that makes you feel like a great person? she’s it. I feel like a million dollars with her. and I love fulfilling all those dreams I have, with someone else to support me. theses rainy days don’t bother me anymore. I can dance in the rain with her. the sunny days are brighter.
I’ve got to write a 8-10 page paper on anything. so I’m doing caffeine, for sure. how it affects the body. affects, long term v.short term, chemical processes, composition of caffeine. it should be fun. I’ll probably write here and there.
oh, last night I had a couple glasses of merlot with Ben and Alex. mmm. very tastey and classy. should be doing that again this semester. hopefully with cigars somewhere. and dress suits. Ate at the Diner – Cheese Steak – peppers, onion, mushrooms. yummy. and pounded two beers so I could drunk dial Jacki last night. hahaha. yeah, I’d do anything for her. I really would. And if I couldn’t, I’d try to learn. My bed is so lonely, thank god it’s so small. the space makes it a little bit easier.
This caffeine essay makes me want to have more and more caffeine.

I’ve gotta find out how to install a exe on my linux. ubuntu 3 life.




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