15 10 2007

15 Tips to a Better You

Sylvia Resnik
HappyNews Volunteer Journalist
Updated: 8/6/2006

Most of us were raised to think that we should do for others first, then if time and energy permits, for ourselves. This brought about the selfless mother, whose only thought was of her children and the equally selfless wife who put her husband first even in the face of neglecting herself. To do something that is even a little indulgent for one is too often thought of as selfish. The fact is, according to psychologists and even philosophers, finding small ways to make your life better leads to a more content self and consequently a you that makes life nicer for those around you. So in doing something that lifts your spirits and makes you joyful, you radiate a wonderful essence to everyone with whom you come in contact in your daily life. A little perk for you can bring about a big perk in your life. Try one or more of these tips to create a Better You.

1. Tell someone that you love him or her today

2. Have a pedicure

3. Call up a long time friend and reminisce about the good old days

4. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers

5. Fly a kite

6. Watch a rerun of a favorite comedy instead of news before you go to sleep

7. Buy a new lipstick in a totally different color than usual

8. Mentor a child

9. Treat someone to a concert, play or newly released movie

10. Buy the best tickets you can affort and watch your favorite sport team in person

11. Plant a bulb garden

12. Take a nap in the afternoon and don’t forget to turn on answer machine – don’t answer the phone

13. Eat dessert first

14. visit a planetarium

15. Hire a limosin and take the love of your life out for a romantic evening

More Tips

1.Go get your make-up done for free at a cosmetic counter at a department store

2.Run barefoot in the grass

3.Hold a baby in your arms

4.Highlight the hair around your face

5.Put on your coziest robe and slippers, cuddle up on the sofa and read a book that “takes you away”.

6.Make a vacation scrapbook: collect brochures, information on your favorite destination, check out hotel rates, airline fares and sightseeing. Then give the plan up to the universe. Wishing can make it so!

7. Bake up a batch of brownies from scratch and pass them around at work

8. Buy a new hat and wear it the next time you go out for lunch.

9. Go to the beach and collect seashells. set them in a row on your kitchen windowsill for a cheerful reminder of your day at the shore.

10.Buy a DVD or video of your favorite romantic film, pop some corn and watch it with someone you love.

11. Visit a day spa and indulge in the works, including lunch

12.Read a self improvement book

13.Take your mom to lunch in a posh restaurant

14.Wear your favorite fragrance every day, even if you just hanging around the house

15.Take an art class

And more Tips

1. Learn self hypnosis.

2. Become a pen pal with someone in the armed forces.

3. Adopt a pet.

4. Wear a color you’ve never worn before.

5. Take a long, bubble bath. Don’t forget to put a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the bathroom door.

6. Write a “fan” letter to a friend on pretty paper and mail it.

7. Read to a bedridden patient.

8. Forgive your parents.

9. Buy a pair of red satin panties with a matching bra and just wear them.

l0. Have your fortune told.

l l. Sprinkle scented talc on your pillow case.

12. If you are unmarried but hoping, compose a list of qualities you want in that certain person. Read it over every day. Let your subconscious do the rest.




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