I’m just not quite right today

28 09 2007

Something’s wrong, I don’t know what it is. is it too loud? is it too quite? I just don’t feel entertained. I’m not amused. I need a certain type of person, someone fun but with curiousity. someone who doesn’t challenge me to resist the urge to scream. someone who challenges my intellect and curiousity in argument. I miss me sometimes. I miss my house and independence. and the ability to kick someone out of my own room. I want. I am greedy. I want. to read a newspaper and show how interesting the world is. to watch something beautiful and tell it to someone. like how I saw the biggest leaf today. it was bigger than a piece of paper. it was truly a looseleaf. This week was rough. High school classes were more intimate. I liked discussion. I don’t care for lectures. I put some effort into expressing my life and putting my study of the weird into my blog. I haven’t spent much time for who I might be. I think I’ll be psychology-ing up with my Social studies ed or minor or something-something. Fuck sports and puzzles and games. sometimes. Today, something’s not quite right today. I don’t need anything right now. I don’t need to buy clothes. I don’t need anything more. I don’t need anything to own. I’m an easy person. I’d like some attention. “There’s a healing in the angel-wing of sleep.” Thanks Frederick Douglass.

To quote Dave Wyndorf


I’m just not quite right today





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