Thank you TVgasm!

27 09 2007

Because the Blog world is supersaturated with useless crap, I decided to go through PC World’s 100 favorite Blogs. I found this Jem: TVgasm recaps tv shows often with writer commentary. here’s a sample from a recap of WWE RAW (one of the stupiest shows to begin with):

“I really like Shelton Benjamin, and think the guy has a ton of upside, but he has the mic skills of Helen Keller. If I were GM, I’d make him the company’s first deaf-mute wrestler. And I’d make him wrestle a dwarf hermaphrodite mime.”

“Speaking of idiots, Candice Michelle and her magic wand are waiting for Vince in the leather couch room. “I heard there’s a position open on RAW,” she tells Vince. “What position did you have in mind,” the old horndog asks. Candice starts disrobing to show Vince her qualifications, which, evidently, are fake titties and the ability to have an orgasm just by unbuttoning her top. Before Vinnie can unbutton anything of his, however, Kurt Angle and Daivari cock-block him and we go to commercial.”

Althought it’s low-brow, who cares. it’s faster and funnier than actually watching the show.

I think I’ll look up Mythbusters recaps too. Also, hahahahaha. this is ridiculous.
I’ll be linking to more great websites and articles. There was a Klingon Kama Sutra Article on Boing Boing, if you’re interested.
and there is a Blog devoted to Japanese Commercials!
and one that has 1950/1960’s advertisements!
and there is a site for established and up-and-coming comedians.

Enjoy yourselves, I know I have. Enjoyed myself.




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