26 09 2007

So in class – Philosophies of Life with Dr. Jeff Jordan – I started writing what I’d write a blog about.
I wanna update daily or bi-daily. I’m afraid I’ll have too much to say or too little. Hopefully I can attract a crowd. Format? fuck that. Should I make routine topics or “topic” days? i.e. tacky tuesday (where I talk about something old-fashioned and tacky, like being buried face up and how dumb it is, I probably would like to be buried fetal style) why? I’m not a big fan of limitations. no thank you.
I’ll end up recaping the day, with some thoughtful analysis of something. my likes and dislikes. cheers/jeers. weird things. articles. quotations.
I’ll explain the “no nine day wonder” title sometime.
To include: What happens today – Birthdays, Holidays, etc.
Inspirational Quotation
Weird Articles and analysis
I was writing down what I’d do with One (1) million (1,000,000) dollars ($) if I had to use it in one week and if I had to use it all, and no buying businesses, bonds, and stocks. so I’ll get that done soon.
For now, moral of the story is that if you gotta go, you gotta go….poop.




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