84 Calories

26 09 2007

Cheers and Jeers? I don’t much care for that. TV guide uses it, I’m no copy cat. or any cat for that matter. I hate the name of it, and “thumbs up, thumbs down” How about Props, and Disses? nah, balance is bull.
I’ll call it 84 calories. The amount of calories burnt while sitting for one hour.
Hungary, Thanks for making prostitution legal. Yes. Hungary will now “allow sex workers to apply for entrepreneur’s permits, which could generate government revenue from an industry worth an estimated $1 billion annually.” Now if we could all just make drug trafficking and marijuana legal, the world would be better. or will it? America is now a service-based economy, so doesn’t it make sense for us to adopt the policy? No. Well, we could get a lot of revenue from it, but it’s dirty money – not because it’s a dirty act but because we’re stealing money from people who thirst for anything at all. There are no millionaire prostitutes.
That’s the negative, for today.
Today’s positive story comes out of Illinois. Good use of the court system, President Bush. The Bush administration is suing Illinois over a law that states that Illiinois will bar companies from participating in an optional federal program. This will be interesting stuff, considering the implication of States’ Rights and Federalism. And because the federal program is optional I’m curious to see the extent of federal law over state law. However, I applaud the effort to use the court system, an often overlooked branch of government.
That’s 84 calories. hopefully it took less than an hour to read.




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